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habitat inspections

You notice a nest in your home. It’s swarming with stinging bugs, and you don’t want to get stung. So, what are they, and how can Habitat Inspection assist you in eradicating them?

Where did it come from?

Social wasps create nests. Paper wasps, yellowjackets, European hornets, and bald-faced hornets are the most frequent social wasps in New England (which aren’t really wasps). Their nests may be distinguished:

Paper wasps construct large, open nests with exposed comb clusters. They resemble an upside-down umbrella. House eaves are a common location for them. If they perceive themselves to be unsafe, paper wasps will attack.

Yellowjackets make paper-like, covered nests. They are most often found in enclosed areas such as wall voids or holes in the ground. Yellowjackets are aggressive and can sting numerous times before fleeing for up to a mile after catching their prey.

Bald-faced and European hornets construct paper nests, frequently found in tree trunks and wall cavities. They will fiercely defend their nests.

The Wasp Season Is Here

However, wasps and hornets are a hazard for humans all summer, but they become the most pressing problem from August until October. A colony may contain hundreds of wasps or hornets that will violently defend their nest from intruders by then. This time of year, their huge populations scavenge for human food at barbecues, campsites, fairs, and other outdoor activities.

The best time to deal with a nest is in the early spring when the colony is smaller and the wasps are less violent. Habitat Inspections may still destroy a nest on your property in late summer and early fall, however. The final brood of wasps is born around this time. It’s made up of male wasps who will be present the following year. The colony becomes more aggressive as a result of their protection, becoming hostile towards everyone who approaches the nest.

Modern Solution

It’s extremely hazardous to handle a wasp nest on your own, especially if it’s high up on your property. Trained Service Professionals are here to assist you!