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However, there are a number of other consequences your business could face that go beyond the laws of state and federal health and safety laws. Additional consequences can range from threats to the employee and/or patron health to legal cases that could be made against you by individuals or as part of a class-action suit. 

In today’s blog, we’re going to look closer at each of the consequences and why they should be reason enough for any business owner to remain pest compliant.

Health risks

Here’s a simple fact that applies to basically any pest out there –  pests carry diseases, and if they get into your business, those diseases could spread throughout your premises. 

It may be an unpleasant thought, but one of the biggest risks any pest infestation will bring with it are health risks. Whether you’re looking at the filth cockroaches and flies can bring inside, or the diseases that rodents and mosquitoes can carry on them, this filth and disease can translate to you, your employees and/or your customers falling ill.

The health risks pests present are only further increased when food is involved. If pests or their droppings get into ingredients, beverages or the kitchen utensils used in a cafe or restaurant, they can contribute to food poisoning or worse. Similarly, if pest problems exist in food processing plants, then any potential diseases or contamination they have the potential of causing could run down the line and, ultimately, the food that ends up being sold in supermarkets or prepared in restaurants could already be tainted.

No matter how small or seemingly insignificant the pest may seem, the impact they can have on individuals’ health is of major concern. That’s why all commercial environments need to be pest-free.

Loss of business

When pests are discovered in your premises and you haven’t done anything to prevent this from happening, you’re basically guaranteed to possible outcomes. The first is that your business will be forced to close until the pest issue is brought under control and your business cleared by a health and safety officer. The second outcome is the loss of business. Often, you may face these two consequences in one blow.

However, while you may be able to bring your business up to code and the governing bodies will give you the all-clear to reopen your business, a bad reputation is a hard thing to shake. People tend to critique businesses with their wallets, so if your service is poor or your business is – or once was – rampant with pest issues, it’s a sure bet that anyone who is aware of your pest problem will stop coming back.

You don’t want to have your business’s reputation shattered by an event like this, so if you notice a potential pest issue emerging, then you need to contact a pest management service provider ASAP.


It’s not just the legal consequences brought forth by governing bodies that your business will need to worry about if it is not pest compliant. These days, if an individual – or group of individuals – is affected by a business’s pest issue, it is completely within their rights to spearhead a lawsuit against that business. The more severely the individual or group was impacted by a pest problem, the larger their suit against a business can be.

Not only could the likes of a class action suit seriously hurt your business financially, but it can leave an indelible black mark on your business’s reputation. A result of that would be the aforementioned loss of business, which would then lead to further loss of profit. Suffice to say, what may start off as a seemingly small pest problem can quickly escalate and turn into a financial nightmare and earn you some unwanted notoriety.