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Here are some helpful hints for getting rid of ants! Whether they’re terrorizing your home or yard, these pointers for permanently eliminating ants will be a breath of fresh air.

Keep Ants Out of Cabinets

Sprinkling cinnamon around the edges of your cabinets to keep ants out is one of our all-time favourite house hacks. Ants will not cross a line made of chalk, either. They will not cross a barrier of cinnamon, either.

Make Your Own Ant Baits

If you have an ant infestation in your house, here’s a cheap method to get rid of them without calling the exterminator. In a tiny container (one that you don’t eat out of), combine 1/4 cup sugar, 1 teaspoon borax, and 1 cup water. Pour a little of the mixture into some bottle caps and set them around where you see ants. The poison will be carried back to the colony by the ants, wiping out the whole nest. Borax is available at pharmacies. Pets or children should not consume this solution since it isn’t safe for them to do so.

Keep ants from eating your food

Vinegar, as we told you in our 4th of July hacks, may also be used to keep ants at bay. Spray white vinegar onto food surfaces before setting out the dinner, such as picnic tables. The vinegar serves as a deodorizer, so insects won’t be able to detect your cuisine and will not come to join your gathering.

Ant-Free Pet Food

No more wasting ant-infested pet food! If ants continue to sneak into your dog or cat’s meal, you should know that ants can’t swim. The bowl of canine or feline feed should be placed in a shallow basin full of water, and the ants will be unable to get to it.

Keep Ants Out of Your Home

Use common paving stones instead of ornamental ones in your garden. Ants will build their nests underground if they can! To ensure that ants don’t come inside to visit, use them outside of your home.

Talcum Powder for Ants

Talcum powder, which is safe for kids and pets, is a good option to eliminate ants from your house. Sprinkle talcum powder around the baseboards and entrances of your home. It dehydrates ants’ bodies, eventually killing them.

Get Rid of Ant Hills

Sprinkle cornmeal around anthills to eliminate ants permanently. They’ll eat it, but they won’t be able to digest it, and the number of ants will quickly decrease. Wait a few weeks and observe whether your ant infestation gets better. You may also try an immediate remedy: Pour boiling water over the area to remove it. Make careful not to splash any plants you want to keep since the water can also kill them!

Get Rid of Ants on Your Deck

Slice garlic cloves and insert the slivers between the boards’ cracks if you have ant hills springing up beneath your deck or patio. The ants will avoid the garlic.

Keep Ants Out of the Sandbox

Comb a cup or so of ground cinnamon into the sand to keep bugs out of your child’s sandbox. Ants, centipedes, and other vermin will stay away, allowing your youngster to enjoy in peace.

Keep Ants Away from Your Hummingbird Feeder

Are ants crowding around your hummingbird feeder? Rub a little of olive oil at the feeding tube’s tip, and the ants will avoid it. The ants are unable to pass through the oil, but hummingbirds can.

Get Rid of Carpenter Ants

For this method to work, you must first remove carpenter ants by hand. One packet of dry yeast and half a cup of molasses and sugar make one batch of this ant-repelling remedy. Place this sticky trap in areas where you see the ants; they will stream in droves towards the enticing odour. Unfortunately for them, they’ll get trapped as well. When your molasses mixture is completely coated with creepy creatures, eliminate it.