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Insects are necessary to the chain of life, but their buzzing and biting may ruin a backyard picnic. Take note, then take aim using these 10 pointers to keep your yard bug-free this summer.

Make a Bug Trap

A DIY trap is a simple way to protect your home against bugs in the yard. Cut the top off a two-litre soda bottle and turn it upside down so that the spout points back into the bottle. To seal them, adhere them together using tape, then fill them with a substance that will attract the species of insect you want to catch.

Keep Kempt Things Simple

Overgrown vegetation and weeds may be a source of many insects and their relatives as well as excellent shelters and hiding spots. Keep your landscaping neat, and trim back tall grass, bush, and weeds on your property.

Remove and Replace Attractants

Garbage cans attract flies and ants, who devour the gooey residue left behind by your recycling. Make sure all of your trash and recycling bins are fully covered, and move them away from your yard’s major entertaining areas.

Keep Your Food Covered

Picnics and barbeques are a favourite summer pastime, and your friends and family aren’t the only ones who will find your smorgasbord tempting. To keep the six-legged creatures at bay, attempt to keep food concealed while entertaining.

Remove Standing Water

Water that stays in one spot for an extended period of time, as is the case with birdbaths and kiddie pools, is a prime breeding ground for mosquitoes. Make sure your gutters are free of debris and that any sunken areas in your yard are filled in to ensure water does not accumulate. To prevent the offspring of those bothersome mosquitoes from proliferating, even the water in the birdbath and kiddie pool should be replaced on a regular basis.

Make Your Own Bat House

Bats are capable of eating around 6,000 to 8,000 insects in a single night, making them the greatest sidekicks in the battle against bugs. Build a bat house and be delighted to see them swooping over your yard at dusk.

Attract Birds to Your Property

Feathered friends are entertaining but can also aid in pest control. The majority of backyard birds consume berries, seeds, and insects. To make your yard more attractive, plant twiggy bushes and tiny trees for shade. Install a birdbath or fountain, and leave your bird feeder out to encourage these animals to come often and settle down.

Plant Bug-Repellent Plants

Plant some bug-repellent plants in your landscape while you’re preparing it. Lavender, marigold, chrysanthemum, and lemongrass are all known to repel a variety of insects including mosquitoes, aphids, and mealy bugs.

Get Some Citronella Candles Lit

Citronella oil is extracted from plants that are naturally bug-repellent. It masks the odours of carbon dioxide and human lactic acid, which are magnets for bugs. And it’s perfectly safe! For more than 50 years, citronella has been used to flavour foods and beverages following FDA approval. So gather some citronella candles and have a bug-free party at your next backyard gathering by watching this lesson on how to make them.

Exterminate Bugs

Putting these suggestions into action should help you avoid pest problems. However, to increase the barrier, invest in one of these bug-free yard solutions.

OFF! Backyard Pretreat

If you know you’ll be hosting a large gathering, you may pretreat your yard the night before with an off-the-shelf spray. OFF! Backyard Pretreat connects to a garden hose and can cover a 16,000-square-foot region. It prevents and repels insects for up to eight weeks.

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